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Gemini Digest, Vol 19, Issue 33
On 2/13/21 2:52 AM, gemini-request at wrote: > Message: ... | 1 replies | 2021-02-13
Trying to learn CGI, please help, total newbie lost
OK, so, I've never done this kind of thing before, just PHP'd websites or usi...
Miguel de Luis Espinosa | 2 replies | 2021-02-13
Convert Gemini files to HTML
Hi Gemininauts, I built a converter tool chain for Gemini files to html. Who... | 0 replies | 2021-02-13
[ANN] - German Poems, Minimalism and Linux
Hi Geminauts, yesterday with much help from Omar I managed to set up another... | 3 replies | 2021-02-12
[ANN] First experiment
Greetings all. I've discovered gemini (and with it, the tildeverse) a few da... | 4 replies | 2021-02-11
A proxy for Web pages in Gemini
Hello everyone, I'm new here, and I've set up my Gemini capsule only a couple...
Nader K. Rad | 5 replies | 2021-02-11
[SPEC] Shouldn't Alt-Text be standarized?
As I was reviewing the spec, following Jason McBrayer bit of advice, I came t...
Miguel de Luis Espinosa | 3 replies | 2021-02-11
[ANN] Gemini capsule: cratermouse
Hi all, known as ruenoak on the list. with a bit of trial and error and help ...
reuben | 6 replies | 2021-02-11
Ascii art, accessibility, abstracts, more about environment ... was Re: Enviroments (was poetry)
On 10/02/2021 21:57, Miguel de Luis Espinosa wrote: > On Tue, Feb 9, 2021, at...
Nico | 0 replies | 2021-02-11
Kind of Unicode Art
Hi Gemineers, on one Gemini site I found some nice kind of ASCII art, but ma... | 3 replies | 2021-02-11
A Gemini to Markdown Filter
After reading the Gemini specification and FAQ 2.9 (Why not Markdown?) I real...
Jonathan Lane | 1 replies | 2021-02-11
Confidential email from wahsp
An HTML attachment was scrubbed... URL: < | 0 replies | 2021-02-10
=?UTF-8?Q?Ascii_art, _accessibility, _abstracts, _more_about_environment_..?=. was Re: Enviroments (was poetry)
On Tue, Feb 9, 2021, at 12:38 AM, John Cowan wrote: > > > On Sun, Jan 31, 2...
Miguel de Luis Espinosa | 0 replies | 2021-02-10
Gemini Server with multiple Language support
Hi all! I'm Martin from Augsburg, in the south of Germany. At first I'm happ... | 5 replies | 2021-02-10
[Tech] How to file an issue for Molly-Brown?
I have an issue to report against the Molly-Brown program <https://tildegit.o...
Stephane Bortzmeyer | 3 replies | 2021-02-10
Gemini and Tor
Just in case anyone else is as intrigued by the idea of Tor and Gemini togeth...
shardiame | 0 replies | 2021-02-10
Proposal to drop double slashes from URL syntax
Hello, I want to propose to drop the double slashes from the gemini URL syn...
Daniel Nagy | 13 replies | 2021-02-10
[ANN] Gemini capsule of gluon
Hello everyone! After some time playing around in Gopher space, I decided to...
Vasco Costa | 0 replies | 2021-02-09
Some thoughts on Gemini from a new user
Hello everyone, I feel like I'm late to the party, but I discovered Gemini ...
Seth J. Morabito | 1 replies | 2021-02-09
RFC for Gemini
Hi all, Are there any plans for submitting a standardized RFC for a Gemini s...
Jason Evans | 2 replies | 2021-02-09
[ANN] New site with some really dodgy algorithmic poetry
I've been running a Twitter bot for a while that takes uses natural language ...
Fraser Smith | 0 replies | 2021-02-09
[Spec] [ RFC 8942 on HTTP Client Hints]
Interesting new RFC: the HTTP people recognize the dangers of headers, specia...
Stephane Bortzmeyer | 0 replies | 2021-02-09
Enviroments (was poetry)
Dear all, I've been giving some thought to how to share poetry and other, le...
Miguel de Luis Espinosa | 1 replies | 2021-02-09
SimplyTranslate is now on gemini
Hello, first, let me introduce myself. I am the maintainer of the Simple Web ...
metalune | 11 replies | 2021-02-08
[Tech] Yet another Gemini, a quantum one
"SpinQ Gemini is a commercial desktop quantum computer designed and manufactu...
Stephane Bortzmeyer | 1 replies | 2021-02-08
[Tech] Language curiosities
[Found in the database of the Lupa crawler] Russian just appeared among the ...
Stephane Bortzmeyer | 3 replies | 2021-02-08
[ANN] WikDict provides translations over Gemini
Hi everyone, WikDict provides bilingual dictionaries for a large set of lang...
Karl Bartel | 1 replies | 2021-02-07
my Gemini inspired website small design
Thanks all for you help on solving my gemini/website fiasco. Anyway, I went a...
Miguel de Luis Espinosa | 0 replies | 2021-02-07
[Tech] A low-tech; low-energy capsule?
This Web article describes a low-tech Web server, running only on solar power...
Stephane Bortzmeyer | 4 replies | 2021-02-07
[Tech] Gemini at FOSDEM
Unfortunately, for the reasons you know, the FOSDEM conference will be online...
Stephane Bortzmeyer | 6 replies | 2021-02-07
[Help] Multi-protocol site trouble
Hi all, I've searched around a bit, but I cannot seem to find an answer to my...
Miguel de Luis Espinosa | 4 replies | 2021-02-07
Amfora on Raspberry Pi?
Has anyone gotten amfora to work on a Raspberry Pi 4? I tried: amfora_1.7.2... | 4 replies | 2021-02-07
[ANN] New to Gemini
Hello, I just learned about Gemini recently, and decided to create a capsule...
Jeremy A. | 0 replies | 2021-02-07
[ANN] [users] GemPKG: explore the OpenBSD port tree
Hello, I'd like to announce GemPKG, a CGI script to search and explore the O...
Omar Polo | 0 replies | 2021-02-06
Hey folks, Found Gemini a few days ago, poked around (it's quite lovely here...
Conor Reid | 1 replies | 2021-02-05
on search engines
Hello all! I see that GUS hasn't updated its index for about two months. Bu... | 2 replies | 2021-02-05
[ANN] a Gemini directory
Hello everybody! We're super happy to introduce you to our Gemini directory.... | 9 replies | 2021-02-05
Another text/gemini to html, but in AWK
Hi! I just made another `text/gemini` to html translator, but this time writt...
Draco Metallium(Rodrigo S. Ca├▒ibano) | 6 replies | 2021-02-03
[ANN] Experimental Gateway to German News site
As an experiment to learn CGI coding for Gemini, I have written a Gemini gate...
Olav Schettler | 1 replies | 2021-02-03
[ANN] Create gem blog with sphinx-gemini-builder
Hello here ! I just published sphinx-gemini-builder on PyPi to create websit...
Kujiu | 1 replies | 2021-02-03
[ANN] [users] Two new capsules and a server
Hello, I've started using gemini around last October, but I never announced ...
Omar Polo | 5 replies | 2021-02-01
[spec] The Tragedy of &
Jason McBrayer wrote: > Having more complex forms is a temptation to impleme...
Gary Johnson | 8 replies | 2021-01-31
[ANN] [users] new capsule and assorted gemini software
Hi all, I read Omar Polos mail to the list yesterday and realised that maybe...
Hugo Wetterberg | 0 replies | 2021-01-31
A blog (web) post where I try to explain what's Gemini (in Spanish)
Just the link, hoping it can be useful to somebdy.
Miguel de Luis Espinosa | 0 replies | 2021-01-31
Gemini Browser (iOS) is now Elaho
Latest feedback on this mailing list was that The Gemini Browser for iOS is r...
Peter Vernigorov | 0 replies | 2021-01-31
Hello all, I was excited to learn about Gemini recently. I ported some web c...
Paul Boyd | 9 replies | 2021-01-31
[ANN] Mansfield client and server
All, We are proud to announce the Mansfield client and server. Please find ...
Mansfield | 0 replies | 2021-01-30
Porting Gemini to EMACS GNUS
Hello! I hope you're all doing well. I do a lot of my news and email readin...
~vidak | 2 replies | 2021-01-29
Viability of *apps* on Gemini? [TECH]
On 2021-07-28T13:53+01:00, tayevnge wrote: > Hello, Hello! > Please help ...
Johann Galle | 1 replies | 2021-01-29
Gemini input validation errors
Hi all, Piggybacking on the recent threads about forms in gemini, how should...
Michael Lazar | 1 replies | 2021-01-29
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