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[tech] dumb vs. dumber
Meanwhile, on IRC: [2020-12-21T11:12:29.422Z] <login> The one thing gemini s...
Petite Abeille | 8 replies | 2020-12-21
[tech] text explanation (was Re: [tech] /.well-known/capability ehlo)
> On Dec 21, 2020, at 18:07, Philip Linde <linde.philip at> wrote...
Petite Abeille | 0 replies | 2020-12-21
[tech] omnichannel discussions
[2020-12-21T13:06:11.301Z] <bie> petite abeille still monitoring the irc chan...
Petite Abeille | 13 replies | 2020-12-21
Supporting TLS client certificate in PHP?
Hello, My server is implemented in PHP and I would like add client certifica...
C么me Chilliet | 8 replies | 2020-12-21
[Users] Bug in the gemtext documentation?
<gemini://> says: =>https://example...
Stephane Bortzmeyer | 3 replies | 2020-12-21
[Tech] Outages discussion (Was: Introducing list "topics"
[Replying with Tech as it seems the most reasonable.] On Sat, Dec 19, 2020 a...
Stephane Bortzmeyer | 4 replies | 2020-12-21
Introducing list "topics"
Greetings Geminauts! Following on (finally!) from semi-recent discussion abo...
Solderpunk | 9 replies | 2020-12-20
[tech] the duplo protocol
Duplo: We are from the planet Duplo, and we're here to destroy you. Emmet: O...
Petite Abeille | 8 replies | 2020-12-20
[users] [ANN] Lagrange v1.0
Hello all, Lagrange is a cross-platform desktop GUI client for browsing Gemi...
skyjake | 0 replies | 2020-12-20
Synchronizing bookmarks - Request for comments
Hello, I?ve put together an idea of simple specification to allow clients to...
C么me Chilliet | 13 replies | 2020-12-20
[ANN] Gemini client list and reviews
I am announcing a new list of Gemini clients. My list is focused on "full" cl... | 6 replies | 2020-12-20
[tech] Mail client as Gemini browser?
Emacs, mutt, aerc, ? users will probably smile at the following thought ? I ... | 0 replies | 2020-12-19
[ANN] Sophon, a wiki protocol and implementation
Hi List, I have been developing a new wiki protocol for Gemini over the past...
Frederick Yin | 0 replies | 2020-12-19
Crawlers on Gemini and best practices
I just developed a simple crawler for Gemini. Its goal is not to build anothe...
Stephane Bortzmeyer | 40 replies | 2020-12-16
Some reading on IRIs and IDNs
Hi, all. The discussion on IRIs and IDNs is a little intense, and I thought I...
Jason McBrayer | 60 replies | 2020-12-16
On mailing lists (was Re: Unicode vs. the World)
It was thus said that the Great Alex // nytpu once stated: > > My main compl...
Sean Conner | 0 replies | 2020-12-15
Hosting several sites on the same host
Hello, I?m lost with how sockets and TLS works, how can I host several gemin...
C么me Chilliet | 4 replies | 2020-12-15
Proposal: Rabbits in gemtext
I physically cannot create content on gemini without the ability to insert as...
Alex // nytpu | 13 replies | 2020-12-15
[ANN] SmolNetSharp - C# library for building Gemini/Gopher clients
Hi Everyone Perhaps I can offer some partial respite from some of the other ...
Luke Emmet | 2 replies | 2020-12-13
How do You publish to your gemlog?
I?m curious about how authors structure their workflows in geminispace. My ow...
Bj枚rn W盲rmedal | 13 replies | 2020-12-13
[ANN] Geminiserver ASM
Hello! I just want to announce a very little server written in ASM for linux...
Simon | 5 replies | 2020-12-12
moral imperative (was Re: Some reading on IRIs and IDNs)
> On Dec 12, 2020, at 00:43, Sean Conner <sean at> wrote: > > T...
Petite Abeille | 0 replies | 2020-12-12
Good practices regarding MIME type
Hi, I wrote a gemini server in C and I currently use an hardcoded list of f...
Sol猫ne Rapenne | 9 replies | 2020-12-11
[ANN] Castor9 gemini browser for Plan 9
Hello geminauts, I made another Gemini browser but this time for Plan 9/9fron... | 1 replies | 2020-12-11
IDN with Gemini?
The specification <gemini://> ...
Stephane Bortzmeyer | 66 replies | 2020-12-09
Three possible uses for IRIs
(Starting a separate thread for this) I think there are three possible place...
John Cowan | 27 replies | 2020-12-09
#gemini logs (was Re: Three possible uses for IRIs)
> On Dec 8, 2020, at 12:49, bie <bie at> wrote: [2020-12-08T11:31:...
Petite Abeille | 3 replies | 2020-12-08
Small spec change required by RFC for lang params
Hello Geminauts, A small spec change is required by RFC for the "lang" param... | 1 replies | 2020-12-08
Crocker's Rules (was Re: IDN with Gemini?)
> On Dec 7, 2020, at 18:35, C?me Chilliet <come at> wrote: > >...
Petite Abeille | 0 replies | 2020-12-07
TOFU, OK, but even with an expired certificate?
The page <gemini://> lists a "Houston search engine"...
Stephane Bortzmeyer | 4 replies | 2020-12-07
[ANN] A Nagios (and compatible) monitoring plugin for Gemini servers
You manage Gemini servers? Despite the fact that the protocol is still quite ...
Stephane Bortzmeyer | 0 replies | 2020-12-07
[ANN] GemIF - Simple Interactive Fiction engine for Gemini
Ahoy there Geminauts, I've been loosely following Gemini for a few months wa...
Norm MacLennan | 20 replies | 2020-12-06
[ANN] gmisub - Subscribe to gemini pages
Hello all, I've written a program which aggregates feeds formatted accordin...
Callum Brown | 0 replies | 2020-12-05
[ANN] Garden Gnome Society!
AstroBotany is a thing[1], and I want to make it easier for *you* to help out...
Bj枚rn W盲rmedal | 6 replies | 2020-12-05
[ANN] chess puzzles on gemini
Hello, After Tic Tac Toe, I worked on rendering a chess board in Unicode. I...
C么me Chilliet | 8 replies | 2020-12-04
Reply-To mailing list?
> On Dec 4, 2020, at 11:03, Petite Abeille <petite.abeille at> wr...
Petite Abeille | 12 replies | 2020-12-04
*Curated* list of servers?
The list of possible server software at <gemini://
Stephane Bortzmeyer | 10 replies | 2020-12-03
variable indentation levels / hierarchy in lists
I've been writing gemini text for about a month now, and as a former plaintex...
JP LeBreton | 2 replies | 2020-12-03
CGI and client certificate, or do we need a CGI spec
Hi, I've been working on a gemini server and implemented CGI by skimming thr...
Remco | 10 replies | 2020-12-03
Appetite for Gemini users mailing list?
I've been lurking here for a while but I'm less interested in bike shedding t...
Caolan McMahon | 13 replies | 2020-12-03
What should I do for Geminiworld?
Gemini work is nowhere near top priority for me because it's not a responsibi...
John Cowan | 13 replies | 2020-12-03
Multiple Language support (was Re: [ANN] chess puzzles on gemini)
It was thus said that the Great C?me Chilliet once stated: > Hello, Hello....
Sean Conner | 2 replies | 2020-12-03
[ANN] Play Tic Tac Toe through gemini
Hello, I've put this silly thing on gemini: gemini://tictactoe.lanterne.chil...
C么me Chilliet | 4 replies | 2020-12-02
Mirror of RFCs in Geminispace
Not a lot of content on my capsule but I've made a mirror (automatically kept...
Stephane Bortzmeyer | 1 replies | 2020-12-02
[ANN] Emacs org-mode to gemini export back-end
Hi all I?ve just pushed a first version of an org-mode export back-end for g...
脡tienne Deparis | 5 replies | 2020-12-02
[SPEC-CHANGE] Mandatory scheme in request and link URLs
Greetings Geminauts! As per recent mailing list discovery, I've made a very ...
Solderpunk | 25 replies | 2020-12-01
Gemini over i2p or tor
Hello, I'm new to gemini and I was looking to host my gemini server behind i...
Solene Rapenne | 1 replies | 2020-11-30
Registering GEMINI scheme
Hello. I started discussion about adding support for gemini into curl. In ad... | 3 replies | 2020-11-30
Does TOFU actually work?
Hi, I wanted to set up my own Gemini server today. I think I got MITM-attac...
Emilis | 9 replies | 2020-11-30
Suggestion: ABNF in spec
Hi Geminauts, in the past, we've had discussions about possible amiguities i...
Waweic | 0 replies | 2020-11-30
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