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Optional/mandatory whitespace in §5.5 Advanced line types
Prior reading: => T...
Nathan Galt | 5 replies | 2020-09-13
[ANN] gemini.sublime-syntax v0.2.0, now with .mollyhead support
I noticed that Molly Brown supports Gemini-syntax files named ?.mollyhead? so...
Nathan Galt | 0 replies | 2020-09-13
Critique my setup, please
I?m setting up a capsule on a VPS served up with Molly Brown. I?d like to get...
Nathan Galt | 3 replies | 2020-09-13
A proposed scheme for parsing preformatted alt text
Hi All We had an interesting discussion on the #Gemini IRC channel earlier ...
Luke Emmet | 48 replies | 2020-09-13
[ANN] Draft for kind-of a Gemini Fediverse.
I have recently started writing a protocol that could be used for distributi... | 6 replies | 2020-09-11
Feed format for gemini (alternative to rss feed)
Hello everyone, As content starts growing on gemini there may be cause for a...
James Henderson | 9 replies | 2020-09-11
Vim Gemtext syntax
On Thu, Sep 10, 2020 at 02:58:07AM -0700, Nathan Galt wrote: > I wanted bat(1... | 0 replies | 2020-09-11
For consideration: JSON Feed
I've been seeing people talk about syndication formats how we'd like somethin... | 15 replies | 2020-09-10
Gemini proxy image display
An HTML attachment was scrubbed... URL: <
Mr. Leveck | 9 replies | 2020-09-10
Lang parameters
The protocol says that servers can emit lang paramenters but it's difficult f...
Sandra Snan | 10 replies | 2020-09-10
[ANN] gemini.sublime-syntax
I wanted bat(1) to colorize Gemini files nicely, so I made this. Pull reques...
Nathan Galt | 0 replies | 2020-09-10
Escaping Gemtext
I am building a feed reader, so I am outputting plain text which can contain ...
Paper | 1 replies | 2020-09-10
Unadorned Gemtext instead of syndication formats
Recently on the mailing list and in #gemini we've been talking about syndicat... | 7 replies | 2020-09-10
Gemini => HTTP Proxy image choking
Greetings All! My www site has for sometime been displaying a homespun gophe...
Mr. Leveck | 1 replies | 2020-09-09
When thinking about feed formats, consider non-blog uses, too
(warning: rambly, but the last paragraph actually has a point I wanted to mak...
Nathan Galt | 0 replies | 2020-09-09
Conversion of HTML to gemtext (was Re: A proposed scheme for parsing preformatted alt text)
It was thus said that the Great Sandra Snan once stated: > > While I'm on th...
Sean Conner | 0 replies | 2020-09-07
Language tags in Luke's "A proposed scheme for parsing preformatted alt text"
Prior reading: gemini://
Nathan Galt | 0 replies | 2020-09-07
Labyrinth II
Hi otrn, I really like what you did with the ASCII art on Labyrinth II. I wo...
Peter Deal | 0 replies | 2020-09-07
Greetings Geminauts! After putting some more work into my Prolog Gemini serv...
Paul Kosel | 0 replies | 2020-09-07
[ANN] diohsc-0.1.1
This is the first actual release of my line-based terminal haskell client di... | 0 replies | 2020-09-06
Right to be Forgotten and archiving
Hello Geminauts, This is my first post here but I have been lurking for awhi...
Peter Deal | 2 replies | 2020-09-05
NQ2 or NQ3 or NGQ3
Hi All I've been growing in affection for the term NQ2 (I think originally ...
Luke Emmet | 3 replies | 2020-09-05
Gemini Archiving and WARC
Hi Gemini List, Has anyone thought about, or implemented, archiving of Gemin...
Charles E. Lehner | 11 replies | 2020-09-04
New Android Client: Två
Hi all, I've been working on this in my spare time for the last week or two, ...
Öppen | 12 replies | 2020-09-03
[ANN] The Duckling Proxy
Hi All I'm pleased to announce The Duckling Proxy ? - a scheme-specific prox...
Luke Emmet | 2 replies | 2020-09-03
Minimum requirements for client certificates
I just encounted this issue with my Gemini server (running GLV-1.12556) an...
Sean Conner | 6 replies | 2020-09-02
Geminaut, anyone else have Antivirus rejecting the executable?
I've tried to download and expand the exe for GemiNaut a couple times, and m...
Pete D. | 4 replies | 2020-08-30
[ANN] - Gemini PaaS
This is slightly different from other capsule hosting sites. Instead of hosti...
Peter Vernigorov | 5 replies | 2020-08-29
[OT] RFC8890
Perhaps of interest, courtesy of Mark Nottingham: The Internet is for End Us...
Petite Abeille | 2 replies | 2020-08-29
(mirrored at gemini:// Th...
Case Duckworth | 2 replies | 2020-08-28
[ANN] - personal website
Hi there On gemini:// I mirrored my personal website (nothing too i... | 2 replies | 2020-08-28
Hosting service
Hello! Sorry if this post looks more like an ad, but I'm proud to announce t... | 0 replies | 2020-08-27
Collectively maintained lists of clients, servers, sites, etc
I've tried to set up a wiki space for Gemini related links. It started out as...
Alex Schroeder | 3 replies | 2020-08-26
[ANN] Flounder - a Gemini site builder/host
Hey all! I've been working on a project based on Gemini that you might be in...
alex wennerberg | 8 replies | 2020-08-26
Experimental SWI-Prolog Gemini Server
Greetings Geminauts! I hope I'm doing this the right way, never used a maili...
Paul Kosel | 2 replies | 2020-08-26
Got my gemini server running
Hello. Some people asked me if I have a gemini capsule. I just got mine runn... | 6 replies | 2020-08-25
Gemini Digest, Vol 13, Issue 28
I don't know, I like that Gemini is a different space. I like that there ar... | 0 replies | 2020-08-25
Gemini browser in Node / Electron: spacewar
Please excuse the irony of using Electron and NodeJS to implement a Gemini cl...
Adam Thompson | 1 replies | 2020-08-25
The optional scheme in URLs
A few sites out there offer both Gemini and web access. That's cool. It's a b...
Alex Schroeder | 3 replies | 2020-08-24
Gemini on ESP32 and [suggestion] examples in spec
Hello, everyone! I've been trying to write my Gemini client for ESP32, and so... | 8 replies | 2020-08-22
Thoughts about the Gemini protocol
Hello everyone, The recent news about the layoffs at Mozilla have left me wo...
/dev/urandom | 10 replies | 2020-08-21
GMail is putting some list messages in spam
Folks, I just noticed that I had ~10 emails from the Gemini list in my GMail...
Kevin Sangeelee | 8 replies | 2020-08-21
Delta Chat & Dreamhost
Ben: I wanted to tell you that your test worked, but Dreamhost refused to se...
Matthew Graybosch | 0 replies | 2020-08-20
Gemini server for 9frnot
Hello all, I wanted to share some code I am working on to serve gemini conte...
Jacob Moody | 0 replies | 2020-08-20
Delta Chat Group
Hey everybody, so I thought it would be in the Gemini spirit to create a fri...
Ben | 2 replies | 2020-08-19
Seeking for help with C Gemini client
G'day! Gemini, while simple, isn't quite that simple. All protocol commands ...
Paul Warren | 4 replies | 2020-08-19 is down
Just an FYI if anyone is using to view gemini/gopher content...
acdw | 0 replies | 2020-08-19
Dhall description of Gemini
Hello, I wrote a description of Gemini text using the total functional langu...
Emery Hemingway | 0 replies | 2020-08-18
[ANN] Fafi, a Racket-based client
Hi Folks, I'm new to this list, to Racket, and to Gemini, but I am quite hap...
Andre Garzia | 6 replies | 2020-08-18
Several of us had a fruitful discussion about gemini streaming over in the IR...
James Tomasino | 12 replies | 2020-08-17
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