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Vulnerability in GnuTLS discovered
I don't know if anyone here is using GnuTLS in their software here but a new ...
Andre Garzia | 0 replies | 2020-08-17
Working on a gemini server
Hello. I've recently discovered Gemini, and I am really interested in it! I ... | 6 replies | 2020-08-17
Track spec changes in git
Putting the spec in a git repo would make it easy to see what changed between...
Sotiris Papatheodorou | 6 replies | 2020-08-16
[ANN] Visit gemini from qutebrowser
Hi all! I wanted to be able to visit both the web and geminispace from a sin...
Sotiris Papatheodorou | 0 replies | 2020-08-15
Installing CAPCOM on FreeBSD 12.1 (need gusmobile)
Hi. I'm trying to get CAPCOM running on, and I'm having trouble...
Matthew Graybosch | 1 replies | 2020-08-14
Go 1.15 requires changes to TLS code for Gemini!
Hello gophers, If you have written (or are planning on writing) a Gemini ap... | 0 replies | 2020-08-12
Hello Geminauts, Earlier today I added proxy support to the master branch of... | 9 replies | 2020-08-11
Lovell - a Gemini server written for Node.js
Hi geminauts, I just wrote a super-simple server running with Node.js: http...
Krispin Schulz | 3 replies | 2020-08-11
[ANN] GemiNaut 0.8.7 is released
Hi everyone I'm pleased to announce a new release of GemiNaut, a user friend...
Luke Emmet | 0 replies | 2020-08-08
Current status of Moonlander
On 04-Aug-2020 20:09, Ecmel Berk Canl?er wrote: > I just wrote about why Moon...
Luke Emmet | 1 replies | 2020-08-05
Current status of Moonlander (was: [ANN] Moonlander: The fanciest Gemini client in the entire solar system)
I just wrote about why Moonlander hasn't seen any commits after it's first 3 ...
Ecmel Berk Canlıer | 0 replies | 2020-08-04
[ANN] html2gemini and html2gmi-cli - A Go library and app for converting HTML to Gemini
Hi Everyone 2 Gemini software announcements here, but they are related. You...
Luke Emmet | 3 replies | 2020-08-01
Reopening: Stream status code
Hello all, A stream status code has been mentioned on this list before, and ... | 11 replies | 2020-07-31
[ANN] New Gemini Site
I've got another gemini site on at <gemini://
Matthew Graybosch | 0 replies | 2020-07-31
[ANN] GemRing - A webring for the Gemini protocol
Hi all, I'm new around here, I've been playing with the protocol for a few d...
Jake | 1 replies | 2020-07-31
[ANN] New Gemini capsule(?) at
Greetings! I'd like to announce my new Gemini capsule: I'm...
Matthew Ernisse | 2 replies | 2020-07-29
[ANN] majc 0.2.0
Hi all, I have been working on a little gemini client and server framework i...
Cadey Alicia Ratio | 0 replies | 2020-07-28
Getting slammed by a client
Is anyone else getting slammed by Does anyone know who th...
Sean Conner | 17 replies | 2020-07-27
[ANN] A new flight journal! gemini://
Hi all, I've been hacking at gemini for a day or two and have decided to put...
Cadey Alicia Ratio | 1 replies | 2020-07-26
[SPECS text/gemini] Heading lines proposal
Hi! When studying the documentation about the text format (and reading the ...
cage | 25 replies | 2020-07-25
Identifying robots (was Re: Open Source Proxy)
It was thus said that the Great Jason McBrayer once stated: > > This is cool...
Sean Conner | 5 replies | 2020-07-25
Username/password authentication strategy
I am trying to implement a simple authentication for my Gemini site, and was ...
Peter Vernigorov | 10 replies | 2020-07-23
Open Source Proxy
Hey all! I'm experimenting with building a web app that includes some proxyi...
alex wennerberg | 3 replies | 2020-07-23
Does a cert need a Common Name matching the domain?
Luke Emmet writes: > > I'm getting "failed to connect to the server: hostname...
Alex Schroeder | 6 replies | 2020-07-22
Collecting posts worth remembering on a wiki
On Tue, 2020-07-21 at 21:48 +0100, Kevin Sangeelee wrote: > I think the idea ...
Alex Schroeder | 0 replies | 2020-07-21
text/gemini support in MycorrhizaWiki
The best thing about gemini is its markup language. I liked it so much that I...
Timur Ismagilov | 2 replies | 2020-07-21
[ANN] Announcing gemcert, a simple certificate generator
Ahoy! My dead simple alternative to using `openssl` and its overwhelming tor...
Solderpunk | 12 replies | 2020-07-20
Co-serving a static site over Gemini
Right now, my personal site is generated using a static si... | 8 replies | 2020-07-19
Pondering interfaces over the Gemini 1x responses (was: CGI)
Hi! On Sat, 18 Jul 2020 at 16:47, Paul Boyd <boyd.paul2 at> wrote:...
Hannu Hartikainen | 6 replies | 2020-07-19
Question About Link Format
Hello guys, I am not normally one to get involved in the Gemini spec. I got ...
Ben | 2 replies | 2020-07-19
question about links parsing
Hi! I have found a page with a link written this way =><whitespace><URL><wh...
cage | 7 replies | 2020-07-18
New user, spec details
Hi! I?ve been browsing the Gemini space for about a week and so far I love i... | 3 replies | 2020-07-18
[ANN] tinmop 0.1.3
Hi! A new version of tinmop: a pleroma and gemini client with a TUI ...
cage | 0 replies | 2020-07-17
Client certificates
Hello Geminauts, When trying to implement client certificate support in my cl...
Julien Blanchard | 5 replies | 2020-07-17
[ANN] gemini:// and Denoscuri
Hello again, everyone. I'm happy to announce I have my first release of my b...
Caranatar | 2 replies | 2020-07-17
The Transjovian Vault: moving my Wikipedia Proxy to a separate domain
Hi all I've been hosting a Wikipedia Proxy on port 1967 of my site, but I'm ...
Alex Schroeder | 0 replies | 2020-07-16
Status Codes Question (Forbidden/Internal Server Error)
Hi folks, I came across Gemini a couple days ago when I was looking things ...
Caranatar | 1 replies | 2020-07-16
Amfora and Bombadillo now at the ssh kiosk!
Ahoy Geminauts, This announcement has been a long time coming: I've *finally...
Solderpunk | 1 replies | 2020-07-15
Client Call
One thing I like to do is build and test Gemini clients on my Linux system. ...
Ben | 4 replies | 2020-07-15
[ANN] Transjovian Council: Gemini Wiki hosting
I've decided to move all my Gemini stuff from the various solutions I had to ...
Alex Schroeder | 2 replies | 2020-07-14
SCGI with molly-brown
Hi, I have a molly-brown server running on OpenBSD armv7 here: gemini:/... | 1 replies | 2020-07-13
Ansi colour markup - what encoding or mime type
Hello all My understanding is that you can use special ANSI markup/escape c...
Luke Emmet | 9 replies | 2020-07-12
[ANN] Space Age now supports dynamic Gemini apps
Howdy Geminauts, Space Age will now treat any executable CLJ file in a ser...
Gary Johnson | 0 replies | 2020-07-12
[ANN] Gemini Wiki
Gemini Wiki has been getting a few more features these days... The latest one...
Alex Schroeder | 0 replies | 2020-07-11
Debugging TLS connections with Wireshark?
I logged some traffic between my own client and server last night with Wiresh...
Hannu Hartikainen | 3 replies | 2020-07-10
[ANN] New Gemini Server: Space Age
Howdy Geminauts, Some of you may know me as lambdatronic at o...
Gary Johnson | 8 replies | 2020-07-10
Client behavior when server doesn't close connection?
Hi all, I'm juhani, new here, and implementing an Android gemini client. Wh...
juhani | 14 replies | 2020-07-10
Removing expiry dates for TOFU
Hello all, Mozz proposed an interesting idea to me on Github, which was remo... | 36 replies | 2020-07-10
TLS certificate sizes in Geminispace
There are several contributing factors to TLS overhead. Some of it is networ...
solderpunk | 30 replies | 2020-07-10
About limiting the non human internet bandwidth pollution
Hello Geminaut, I wonder if trying to limite the non human and individual hu...
defdefred | 3 replies | 2020-07-10
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