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Article talking about Gemini freD. ------------...
defdefred | 0 replies | 2020-06-22
Away from list for a few days
Hey all, As part of my summer vacation I'm going to be away from civilisatio...
solderpunk | 0 replies | 2020-06-22
[ANN] Kristall Small-Internet Browser V0.3 released
Hey! Two weeks ago was the last release of Kristall, and now the next releas...
Felix Queißner | 1 replies | 2020-06-22
Proposal: Stream status code
On IRC today there was some discussion about how there should be a way to tel... | 0 replies | 2020-06-22
🆁🅴🅻 link
HTML defines the rel attribute for the <link> element: the rel attribute spec...
Petite Abeille | 0 replies | 2020-06-20
Happy birthday, Gemini!
(this message also available in Geminispace at gemini://gemini.circumlunar.sp...
solderpunk | 2 replies | 2020-06-20
fingerprint art
I'd like to suggest that, to supplement TOFU, we copy OpenSSH's trick of dis... | 2 replies | 2020-06-20
ANN: deedum a mobile gemini browser
An HTML attachment was scrubbed... URL: < | 5 replies | 2020-06-20
Some new tests in the Gemini Client Torture Test
I just added 10 new tests to the Gemini Client Torture Test, tests 41 thro...
Sean Conner | 3 replies | 2020-06-20
Why there's a point to alternative protocols and spaces
Howdy all! Perhaps the most common criticism I've read of Gemini comes from ...
solderpunk | 8 replies | 2020-06-19
[ANN] Amfora, a fancy terminal browser for Gemini
Hello Geminauts, Today I released Amfora, my client for Gemini. It aims to b... | 5 replies | 2020-06-19
A plan for growing the ecosystem
I believe the best way to grow the Gemini ecosystem is to launch a concerted ...
case | 4 replies | 2020-06-19
[ANN] GemiNaut 0.8.4 released
Hi Folks I'm pleased to announce a new release of GemiNaut, which now has a ...
Luke Emmet | 11 replies | 2020-06-19
Repeating the Web's Mistakes (was gemini+submit:// (was Re: Uploading Gemini content))
On Sat, 13 Jun 2020 20:56:35 +0000 solderpunk <solderpunk at SDF.ORG> wrote: ...
Matthew Graybosch | 13 replies | 2020-06-18
A vision for Gemini applications
Hi all, I just posted a (long!) entry at my Corned Beef Sandwiches gemlog ou...
solderpunk | 7 replies | 2020-06-18 Gemini Mirror
I have gotten permission from the Odin developer to create an https://odin-la...
Krixano | 0 replies | 2020-06-18
Escaping in text/gemini
Just after the feature freeze :) I remembered to post about this: is there an...
Francesco Gazzetta | 4 replies | 2020-06-17
[ANN] Acme client is finally fixed.
I've finally gotten awk to parse the URLs correctly, plus now the main script...
Parker Ellertson | 1 replies | 2020-06-17
[ANN] cert fixed
The certs for (as well as and ar...
Matthew Graybosch | 0 replies | 2020-06-17
gemini+submit:// (was Re: Uploading Gemini content)
Hi everyone I've been thinking some more about this self-editing wiki concep...
Luke Emmet | 38 replies | 2020-06-17
HTTP/0.95 - the sweet spot or thereabouts?
Hi everyone Just to toss a couple of things into the debate, for those inter...
Luke Emmet | 2 replies | 2020-06-16
CSRF in Gemini
Hi all, I just wrote down a few thoughts about cross-site request forgery in...
Francesco Gazzetta | 10 replies | 2020-06-16
gemini servers and "frameworks"?
I'm new to Gemini, and I've started implementing a gemini server. Is there a ...
Alex Ellis | 6 replies | 2020-06-16
Introducing YouTube Interface for Gemini
I have completed most of what is necessary for a YouTube interface for Gemini...
Krixano | 3 replies | 2020-06-16
[ANN] Egsam - A new client torture tester
Pronounced egg-sam :) Building my client, I noticed that there were edge cas...
Peter Vernigorov | 5 replies | 2020-06-16
gemini streaming
Since text/gemini (or gemtext, if that's what we're calling it) is parsable f...
James Tomasino | 1 replies | 2020-06-16
TOFU Tester
Hello, people of gemspace! I have created a small, new service for you all! ...
Felix Queißner | 0 replies | 2020-06-15
[SPEC-CHANGE] Simplified client certs, URI scheme, alt text
Ahoy, Geminauts! I have just made the proposed spec changes that I asked for...
solderpunk | 2 replies | 2020-06-15
Gemini, Web, and Solderpunk
Ok, so I'm writing this for multiple reasons that center around one reason. I...
Krixano | 0 replies | 2020-06-15
Permanent freeze on non-trivial new features
Greetings all, After today's change to the spec to introduce some new line t...
solderpunk | 0 replies | 2020-06-15
Repeating the Web's Mistakes (was gemini+submit:// (was R Uploading Gemini content))
> From: Matthew Graybosch <hello at> > To: gemini at li...
Pete D. | 0 replies | 2020-06-15
gemini-mode.el is now in MELPA
Gemini-mode, a simple mode for editing text/gemini files in Emacs, is now in...
Jason McBrayer | 2 replies | 2020-06-15
Germinal v0.2.0 update
Germinal update! I would like to announce the release of version 0.2 of my C...
Jason McBrayer | 3 replies | 2020-06-15
[SPEC-CHANGE] lang parameter, minor line type changes, clarifications...
Ahoy! I have just pushed some changes to the Gemini specification. You can ...
solderpunk | 33 replies | 2020-06-14
[ANN] Git front-end for Gemini
Hi all! After eight hours of struggle yesterday, I finally made an MVP for Gi...
Frederick Yin | 4 replies | 2020-06-14
What is Gemini - a video by me
Last night I recorded a ~30min introduction to Gemini called "What is Gemini?...
James Tomasino | 6 replies | 2020-06-14
Draft spec changes for comments
Hey folks, At gemini://
solderpunk | 5 replies | 2020-06-14
Uploading Gemini content
Okay, there's quite a few people on this list what would like to see more ...
Sean Conner | 6 replies | 2020-06-14
sysadmin advice concerning backups
I could use a little sysadmin advice, because this is really my first time ho...
Matthew Graybosch | 2 replies | 2020-06-13
[ANN ] Gig - Go framework
Sort of like a Go web frameworks such as gin and echo. Zero allocation router...
Peter Vernigorov | 0 replies | 2020-06-13
[ANN] A new gemini client for acme
This client is 52 lines long (68 if you count the lines in "displayonacme"), ...
Parker Ellertson | 3 replies | 2020-06-13
[ANN] a public gemini host for writers
I'm pleased to announce that is now open. I'm catering mainly t...
Matthew Graybosch | 7 replies | 2020-06-12
"Wide load" status code(s)?
Hey all, Just throwing out a quick idea I had last night while trying to sle...
solderpunk | 38 replies | 2020-06-12
[ANN] a simple textboard
I'm pleased to announce what I believe is the first forum mediated by the Gem...
Francesco Gazzetta | 4 replies | 2020-06-12
[ANN] Yet another gemlog! gemini://
G'day folks, I've had a bit of fun the last few weeks doing some recreationa...
Paul Warren | 0 replies | 2020-06-12
[OT] An ASCII art music video
For the ASCII art lover out there:
Petite Abeille | 0 replies | 2020-06-12
CGI, SCGI and Certificates (was Re: [ANN] Gemini browser for iOS)
It was thus said that the Great solderpunk once stated: > > (following Sean'...
Sean Conner | 30 replies | 2020-06-12
The Problems of Transclusion (was Re: More silly text/gemini spec proposals)
It was thus said that the Great poomklao at once stated: > I have a...
Sean Conner | 5 replies | 2020-06-11
authority's userinfo?
How is gemini meant to deal with authority's userinfo? E.g. gemini://user...
Petite Abeille | 25 replies | 2020-06-11
implementing client certificate support
[This post is also a glog entry at gemini:// | 16 replies | 2020-06-10
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