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Extra GUS crawling this morning
Hi all, Just FYI in case anyone is seeing the increased crawling traffic thi...
Natalie Pendragon | 0 replies | 2020-05-19
[ANN] md2gemini release v1.1.0 and gemini linking discussion
Hello Geminauts, I've just released v1.1.0 of md2gemini[1], I hope you're al... | 2 replies | 2020-05-19
any Gemini to HTTP gateway?
Hey! Do you know any good gateway to read gemini with a http browser? Regar...
defdefred | 1 replies | 2020-05-19
Video examples
Are there any video examples of the Gemini protocol in action? Something that...
Michał "phoe" Herda | 2 replies | 2020-05-19
About client rendering...
Considering the whole variety of screen we are using, what do you think of th...
defdefred | 4 replies | 2020-05-19
[ANN] another Gemini server, blizanci
Hello, I've made a trivial Gemini server in Erlang, available on github at:...
Martin Keegan | 2 replies | 2020-05-18
Example Gemini pages?
I can't find any reference that just shows some example Gemini markup page so... | 5 replies | 2020-05-18
SPOOFED: Re: SPOOFED: Re: Example Gemini pages?
On 5/18/20 7:53 PM, colecmac at wrote: > To me, this is in agr...
James Tomasino | 0 replies | 2020-05-18
SPOOFED: Re: Example Gemini pages?
On 5/18/20 6:59 PM, colecmac at wrote: > Paragraphs and text a...
James Tomasino | 1 replies | 2020-05-18
About document signing
Hello, I'm reading Gemini stuff for days now and I feel that the idea of a l...
defdefred | 8 replies | 2020-05-18
SPOOFED: Cognitive aspects of navigation in gemini space
On 5/17/20 5:42 PM, Brian Evans wrote: > ```[art | code[:programming language...
James Tomasino | 21 replies | 2020-05-18
Announcing `gurl`: like `curl` but for gemini + release of `gurl` like `curl` but by another person
Hey! > I just thought it would be helpful to have a tool that interfaces wit...
Felix Quei├čner | 9 replies | 2020-05-18
Gemini Nim Client Library
Hey all, I wanted to take a stab at creating a featureful Nim client for Gem...
Koushik Roy | 2 replies | 2020-05-18
Wikipedia mirror over gemini "proxy"
Hello, I have an idea for quickly and vastly expanding the amount of content...
Travis Briggs | 16 replies | 2020-05-17
An observation about client certificates
I know logging isn't popular here, but I still do it anyway, in order to t...
Sean Conner | 6 replies | 2020-05-17
Elpher 2.7.0: the text/gemini update
Hi all, Anybody using elpher might be interested to know that I've just push...
plugd | 2 replies | 2020-05-17
ssh tunneling for gemini services
Hi, Since gemini is well suited to run on small machines such a raspberry p...
Emma Humphries | 0 replies | 2020-05-17
[ANN] Gemini Mailing List gemini mirror
Hi all, Given all the recent activity on the mailing list I thought it might ...
Brian Evans | 7 replies | 2020-05-17
Questions regarding "POST" request and line endings
Hey! I wanted to ask (and maybe discuss, if not done already) why Gemini has...
Felix Quei├čner | 4 replies | 2020-05-17
Ambiguity in the gemini document spec
Hello everyone! Although this is mostly directed to solderpunk. I've noticed... | 5 replies | 2020-05-17
A quick note on adding things to the server/software lists
Ahoy, Gemininauts! It's great seeing the steady stream of new Gemini softwar...
solderpunk | 0 replies | 2020-05-17
Writing emails in text/gemini?
I love that Gemini recommends writing long lines and letting the client wrap ...
Aaron Janse | 3 replies | 2020-05-17
Gemini is not more complex than Gopher
The mailing list has the following title: > A protocol that is slightly more ...
Aaron Janse | 0 replies | 2020-05-17
Gemini IRC logs... on Gemini!
The busy mailing list has finally been winding down for the night... Or night... | 1 replies | 2020-05-17
[ANN] md2gemini - a markdown to gemini converter
Evening Geminauts! I've created another Gemini tool, they're lots of fun. Th... | 4 replies | 2020-05-17
Announcing & ncgopher gemini support
Hi, after a long time of lurking on this list, I've finally installed jetfor...
Jan Schreiber | 1 replies | 2020-05-17
Announcing gemini://
Might as well join in on the announcements bandwagon. :p I'm hosting a serve... | 1 replies | 2020-05-17
Announcing `gurl`: like `curl` but for gemini
I just thought it would be helpful to have a tool that interfaces with gemini...
Aaron Janse | 0 replies | 2020-05-17
Announcing gemini://
Hey all! I just wanted to let people know I am now hosting a Gemini server f...
Ecmel Berk Canl─▒er | 6 replies | 2020-05-16
DNS SRV Records
Hi all, I was wondering if there are currently any Gemini clients that check ...
Leo | 3 replies | 2020-05-15
Announcing - embeddable gemini go server
Hi, First thanks for working on gemini! I have been struggling with the mode...
borislav nikolov | 2 replies | 2020-05-15
ANN: SecretShop 1.0.0 and
Hi all, SecretShop, a Gemini server written in Go, is now available for down...
Steve Ryan | 0 replies | 2020-05-15
After being a long-time subscriber to this list while having no idea what Ge...
Ben | 9 replies | 2020-05-15
Vim Syntax update
Just a quick note to anyone using the vim syntax I wrote: I have updated it ...
Brian Evans | 1 replies | 2020-05-15
Hi all Since my little gemini server is now able to fork, I have created my ...
Johannes von Rotz | 1 replies | 2020-05-15
Announcing gemini://
Hello fellow geminoids, I have been watching the Gemini Project from afar fo... | 1 replies | 2020-05-15
Alternative transports, philosophy [was: Gemini server logging formats and practices]
On Thu, May 14, 2020 at 01:27:55PM -0700, Dave Huseby wrote: > This is a gre...
solderpunk | 3 replies | 2020-05-15
Server software recommendations
Hello all! I've been checking out the mailing list and reading about Gemini ...
Ecmel Berk Canl─▒er | 17 replies | 2020-05-15
=?UTF-8?Q?Re:_Alternative_transports, _philosophy_[was:_Gemini_server_log?=ging formats and practices]
This is a great reply. I never troll, I was just trying humor to dissuade Sea...
Dave Huseby | 1 replies | 2020-05-14
Nice project!
Hey all (and especially solderpunk)! I've found gemini yesterday and i'm exc...
Felix Quei├čner | 8 replies | 2020-05-14
GUS questions
Hello all, I just have some quick questions about GUS that I figured the who... | 7 replies | 2020-05-14
New aggregator
I had forgotten to mention (it has been running for a few days now) that I ha...
Brian Evans | 2 replies | 2020-05-14
Alternative transports, philosophy [was: Gemini server logging formats and practices]
On Wed, May 13, 2020 at 09:07:00AM -0700, Dave Huseby wrote: > Now...let the ...
solderpunk | 2 replies | 2020-05-14
=?UTF-8?Q?Re:_Alternative_transports, __philosophy_[was:_Gemini_server_lo?=gging formats and practices]
On Thu, May 14, 2020, at 1:27 PM, Dave Huseby wrote: > This is a great reply....
Dave Huseby | 1 replies | 2020-05-14
=?UTF-8?Q?Re:_Alternative_transports, _philosophy_[was:_Gemini_server_log?= ging formats and practices]
It was thus said that the Great Dave Huseby once stated: > > Why shouldn't G...
Sean Conner | 0 replies | 2020-05-14
New Twin, Mobile?
How do you do, fellow kids, I am a new Gemini twin on GCS (thanks, Solderpun...
Shufei | 11 replies | 2020-05-14
Creating a Gemini site from an (advanced) Jekyll site
Hello, Thanks for the warm welcome in the other thread, solderpunk! I'm not ...
Travis Briggs | 1 replies | 2020-05-14
Gemini Server in C
Hi all I'd also like to thank you for the warm welcome earlier this week. I ...
Johannes von Rotz | 1 replies | 2020-05-14
Gemini server logging formats and practices
On Mon, May 11, 2020 at 05:21:01AM -0400, Sean Conner wrote: > But there'...
solderpunk | 5 replies | 2020-05-13
Basic git clone over gemini:// working
Howdy, I got bored over the weekend and wrote a simple Git remote helper for...
Dave Huseby | 2 replies | 2020-05-12
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