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[Tool Discussion][Not a Programmer] Idea i'm not sure if has been done for gemtext editing
Idea I have for a tool that might be useful might not: Concept is you feed i...
Andrew Singleton | 2 replies | 2021-09-04
[off topic] For the people still using old 16bit vintage PCS - ngIRCd - IRC Server
Gday Gemini Community Bit off topic from Gemini I came across this gem for t...
charliebrownau | 14 replies | 2021-09-03
Re: Gemini Digest, Vol 26, Issue 3
I'm not sure if it's entirely what you're looking for but have you checked o...
Patrick Delaney | 0 replies | 2021-09-02
Git Forges
Hello all, I have been deliberating regarding which git forge tool most comp...
Jonathan McHugh | 1 replies | 2021-09-01
mime types on gmnisrv
Hi all, I've started working with gmnisrv as my gemini servers instead of mo...
Jason Evans | 1 replies | 2021-09-01
[off topic] On browser redering
Just thinking... Is it possible to render the browser in a "double buffer" w...
defdefred | 5 replies | 2021-09-01
Re: [Discussion][Workflow] What do you use to write and upload to your capsules?
I created an automated workflow too, though probably not as advanced as nytpu...
Alan Morgan | 8 replies | 2021-09-01
Subject: Re: Hi, I am new and I have created Gemini library wrote: > > Date: Tue, 31 Aug 2021 10:55:37...
Pete D. | 0 replies | 2021-08-31
More Awesome Gemini
Hello all, In lieu of the upcoming talk I recently mentioned: => https://lis...
Jonathan McHugh | 2 replies | 2021-08-31
Hi, I am new and I have created Gemini library
Hi everyone, I am new to Gemini space and I have created gemini library in G...
Sergei Gnezdov | 4 replies | 2021-08-31
how to make an input field on a capsule page ?
Hello, I'am looking to make an input field on a gemini capsule page like the...
bussiere bussiere | 3 replies | 2021-08-25
[article] Pureblogbd did a writeup of Gemini
Andrew Singleton | 1 replies | 2021-08-23
[site] TechRights is on Gemini
gemini:// Figure folk here would be interested in site...
Andrew Singleton | 0 replies | 2021-08-23 is broken
Hello, is not work...
defdefred | 3 replies | 2021-08-23
[discussion] Tool Making
In my last thread I had noticed a lot of you just a fair degree of tools both...
Andrew Singleton | 4 replies | 2021-08-19
Re: Gemini Digest, Vol 25, Issue 12 - What we use
Gday My Gemini presence is currently offline Ive stored blog posts and front...
charliebrownau | 0 replies | 2021-08-15
[request][retro] Gemini clients for windows 95, DOS, etc
This is a sort of continuation of a prior thread I had made about the least p...
Andrew Singleton | 8 replies | 2021-08-15
How can I separate the gemini/mercury and TLS/cert functions (serverside)?
Hello geminauts, I am toying with the idea to separate the handling of the ...
ew.gemini | 1 replies | 2021-08-15
[Discussion][Workflow] What do you use to write and upload to your capsules?
This isn't a question of server software, or anything backend related (unless...
Andrew Singleton | 9 replies | 2021-08-15
Re: Gemini Digest, Vol 25, Issue 9
I’ve only just begun my foray into Gemini so im interested to see other wor...
P Del | 0 replies | 2021-08-15
Re: [Discussion][Workflow] What do you use to write and
I keep my capsule in a bare git repository on the Raspberry Pi from which I s...
jsreed5 | 0 replies | 2021-08-14
Apps Getting Worse
There have been discussions here about whether or not it is a good sign that ...
Stephane Bortzmeyer | 1 replies | 2021-08-10
[user] stargazer 0.5.0 release announcement
Hello everyone, I wanted to announce the release of stargazer 0.5.0 https://...
Ben Goldberg | 0 replies | 2021-08-10
[Discussion][Server Script Idea] Gemlog pages that automatically add links to each other
This started by me going through earlier discussions (I still have no idea ho...
Andrew Singleton | 0 replies | 2021-08-10
Re: Gemini Digest, Vol 25, Issue 5
On 06/08/2021 21:23, Pete D. wrote: > > I'm struggling to understand how a ge...
jsreed5 | 1 replies | 2021-08-08
Re: Gemini Digest, Vol 25, Issue 4
> > ---------------------------------------------------------------------- >...
Pete D. | 3 replies | 2021-08-07
Anyone still using 16-32bit systems ?
Gday If anyone still has a working XT to PIII with Win9x I would be amazed ...
charliebrownau | 7 replies | 2021-08-05
[Tech][Idea]Link syntax
This is an idea I have pondered for awhile and the deurbanizing thread got me...
Rev. Fr. Robert Bower | 11 replies | 2021-08-03
[Idea] Advanced Line Type: LaTeX
Hello all, Currently there is no way to represent LaTeX or any formatted mat...
Andrew Thorp | 3 replies | 2021-08-02
[Idea] advanced line type LaTeX
Hello all, Currently there is no way to represent LaTeX or any formatted mat...
Andrew Thorp | 0 replies | 2021-08-01
Re: 1. Re: [Tech][Idea]Link syntax (Rev. Fr. Robert Bower
Hi All, As simple author I would say that I am not interested in having comp...
The Gnuserland | 1 replies | 2021-07-31
Gemini specification repo at GitLab
Hi everyone. So I found a repo at
kaoD | 1 replies | 2021-07-28
Deurbanising the Web
A well-deserved rant against the current state of the Web, well-written and w...
Stephane Bortzmeyer | 16 replies | 2021-07-24
[tech] [spec] TLS-based fingerprinting
I opened two issues on Gitlab related to fingerprinting: User agent fingerpr...
nervuri | 0 replies | 2021-07-21
Malicious Links
In Gemini, the restriction that information can only be sent to a server by p... | 26 replies | 2021-07-19
Logging format for Gemini servers
Hello everyone, today I'd like to talk about access logs. Almost every HTTP ...
Anna “CyberTailor” | 1 replies | 2021-07-19
Re: Logging format for Gemini servers (addition)
Some missing stuff ### References for ident protocol: Specification => gemi...
Anna “CyberTailor” | 0 replies | 2021-07-18
Gemini chatroom
Hey, I made a gemini chatroom if anyone wants to check it out! It's very simp...
ysu | 0 replies | 2021-07-18
how to submit multi-line long form text to gemini?
Hey folks, I've literally been in a whirlwind of joy for a couple of days no...
David Messer | 7 replies | 2021-07-18
Simple PHP proxy?
Hey Gemini folks, Does anyone know of a simple PHP-based web proxy that I ca...
panda-roux | 0 replies | 2021-07-18
Get input on gemini
Hi, I was wondering how you would get user input in gemini? For example, like...
ysu | 3 replies | 2021-07-17
[Question][discussion] is a Gemini based piratebox possible or even wanted? Pretty much a stand alone device that users connect t...
Andrew Singleton | 0 replies | 2021-07-15
Decentralized content creation and linking
Hello geminauts Regarding recent discussions on Malicious Links and gemini:/... | 4 replies | 2021-07-15
[USER] Weird Title Rendering on Various Clients
Hi Geminauts, I am trying to understand what got wrong with the document bel...
The Gnuserland | 12 replies | 2021-07-14
Difference between gopher and gemini?
What is the difference between gopher and gemini, what makes gemini better pe... | 3 replies | 2021-07-11
[tech] Can I use existing ssh keys for gemini identity?
Hi All, Does anyone know of a way to use my ssh RSA key-pairs as my identity...
Chris McGee | 6 replies | 2021-07-09
Re: Gemini Digest, Vol 24, Issue 12
>Message: 4 >Date: Fri, 9 Jul 2021 09:30:10 -0600 >From: Alex // nytpu <alex... | 0 replies | 2021-07-09
Gateway to DNS
Highly experimental, here is a Gemini-to-DNS gateway. Just add a domain name ...
Stephane Bortzmeyer | 1 replies | 2021-07-07
Why XML/Atom for feeds
Hello geminauts Yesterday I decided to add a feed to my gemlog and when I ch... | 2 replies | 2021-07-07
Possible Events in Belgium for Presenting Gemini
Hello all, Some possible Belgian locations for Gemini presentations are belo...
Jonathan McHugh | 0 replies | 2021-07-07
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