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[ANN] Release 1.1 of MastoGem
Hi, Today I released the 1.1 version of MastoGem it include little enhancem...
Romain de Laage | 0 replies | 2021-04-18
[tech] IPv6 addresses in URLs
@ Gemini client developers: both of these URLs should work (certificate error...
nervuri | 13 replies | 2021-04-18
JetForce vs. Molly Brown Server: CGI-variable SCRIPT_NAME is not present
Hi everybody, i am not sure if the author of the Molly-Brown server is readi...
Frank J├╝des | 22 replies | 2021-04-16
[users] Public Gemini hosting?
Hi. I'm writing up a quick-start guide for Gemini newcomers who don't have te...
Jason McBrayer | 12 replies | 2021-04-15
[users] jemini: dual http/gemini server with spring-boot integration (and client)
Hi Geminians (twins?) i wanted to highlight yet another gemini server in java...
Peter Mucha | 7 replies | 2021-04-14
Re: Gemini Digest, Vol 21, Issue 21
Peter, so cool! Almost a year ago I tried to start making a server in jetty b... | 0 replies | 2021-04-14
Re: [users] jemini: dual http/gemini server with spring-boot integration (and client)
On Wed, Apr 14, 2021 at 12:42:17PM +0200, Peter Mucha <> wr...
Stephane Bortzmeyer | 0 replies | 2021-04-14
[ANNOUNCE] [META] Mailing List Moderation Update
Hello! It's your friendly neighborhood list owner here, with some updates abo...
Jason McBrayer | 9 replies | 2021-04-14
[tech] support for Ed25519 in clients
Hello, Since implementing automatic certificate generation in Agate and choo...
Johann Galle | 6 replies | 2021-04-13
[ANN] Gemini Client for KDE
Hi. There is now a Gemini client integration for KDE. It allows you to fetch ...
Tobias Rautenkranz | 0 replies | 2021-04-13
[tech] Any way to retrieve an entire capsule?
I do not find a program that, given, a capsule name, would retrieve recursive...
Stephane Bortzmeyer | 2 replies | 2021-04-13
[spec] A possible client-side, community-based solution to the drawbacks of TOFU authentication
There are several issues with Gemini's utilization of TOFU that I believe can...
Benjamin Cronin | 1 replies | 2021-04-11
[users] moved capsule
Hello, I migrated my capsule from => gemini://
ew.gemini | 0 replies | 2021-04-11
[tech] can git email commit also be archived in mail list?
I spend some time on configuring git email on my computer. After I done the ...
ML X | 1 replies | 2021-04-11
[spec] The security model for TLS is also discussed inside IETF
This post about TLS <
Stephane Bortzmeyer | 0 replies | 2021-04-11
[tech] gmisub2atom
I couldn't find an implementation of what is described in the gmisub spec, i...
mbays | 1 replies | 2021-04-10
A new human language in Gemini: galician
A new human language entered the geminispace's Top 20 of languages: 'gl' (for...
Stephane Bortzmeyer | 0 replies | 2021-04-10
[spec] The updated speculative specification is now up
The updated protocol (only) specification is now up and can be read at: ...
Sean Conner | 9 replies | 2021-04-09
Re: [tech] Signing Gemini capsules
On Sun, Mar 07, 2021, Francesco Camuffo wrote: >Hi. > >I made a very basic pr...
nervuri | 3 replies | 2021-04-08
[ANN] GemiNaut 0.8.11 is released
Hi Everyone Just a quick note to announce the release of GemiNaut 0.8.11, a ...
Luke Emmet | 4 replies | 2021-04-08
Raw Public Keys - RFC 7250
Hi All, Have any of you already used in your clients and servers Raw Public ...
Phil Leblanc | 1 replies | 2021-04-07
Will Gemini ever become a standardized protocol?
Hello, I was wondering. Right now, Gemini uses a non-registered protocol sch...
almaember | 25 replies | 2021-04-05
[ANN] New capsule and Reddit proxy service
Hi! I have set up a new Gemini capsule at gemini:// I hop...
Alan | 3 replies | 2021-04-04
Updated recommendations regarding TOFU & TLS
Note: I'm not subscribed to this list, please use "reply-all" to make sure I ...
Drew DeVault | 46 replies | 2021-04-04 seems outdated
What I mean: * a lot of links there are down * Italian and Russian translatio...
CyberTailor | 6 replies | 2021-04-04
Certificate issue fixed (was: seems outdated)
On 01/04/2021 19:33, Mae Borowski wrote: > The certificate also seems to be e...
PJ vM | 0 replies | 2021-04-02
[users] [ANN] News.php, yet another news site
Hey everyone, I've just set up a new news site, News.php. It's basically a ...
sose-iwnl | 1 replies | 2021-04-02
[Tech] (?) Let's update the website
A lot of information on the website is out of date. Broken links, and links t...
Bj├Ârn W├Ąrmedal | 5 replies | 2021-04-02
[users] definitely dead?
The search engine does not reply for now five days. I've notified th...
Stephane Bortzmeyer | 0 replies | 2021-04-02
Re: [Tech] (?) Let's update the website + License
Perhaps we (somebody?) should create a new website, which could take the form...
Miguel de Luis Espinosa | 0 replies | 2021-04-02
[tech]: looking for cgi help/documentation/faq or similar
Hi, where might i find help/docs/faq on gemini cgi? For html i am using: #!/b... | 2 replies | 2021-04-01
On Gemini we have great coverage of world news, for example => gemini://guar... | 0 replies | 2021-03-31
[users] New Spanish Capsule:
It's breathing, more or less, but it's there, my second capsule wich is to be...
Miguel de Luis Espinosa | 0 replies | 2021-03-30
RE: certificate
Hey everyone, Normally I like to specifically email capsule admins about iss...
Robert "khuxkm" Miles | 1 replies | 2021-03-30
Italian Translation
Hi All, I'd like to help for this project and I've started the document tra...
The Gnuserland | 11 replies | 2021-03-30
[users] Language tagging does not always tell the truth
I was happy to see our first capsule in chinese but the language tagging ('zh...
Stephane Bortzmeyer | 1 replies | 2021-03-30
Re: Italian Translation (Stephane Bortzmeyer)
Thanks for all your suggestions, I'll try to reach out the "Italian Community...
The Gnuserland | 0 replies | 2021-03-29
How do you buffer a Gemini connection?
Hello, I'm planning on creating my own Gemini client (with C99 and OpenSSL, ...
almaember | 5 replies | 2021-03-29
[tech] client certificate expiry
Does it make sense to give a self-signed client certificate an expiration da...
mbays | 4 replies | 2021-03-28
.onion capsules?
Now that the Lupa crawler <gemini://> can...
Stephane Bortzmeyer | 18 replies | 2021-03-28
[tech] Examples of conversion to gemtext
I've put on a forge the simple Python scripts I use to convert from various f...
Stephane Bortzmeyer | 0 replies | 2021-03-27
Reading Plain Text Files
Hi everyone, I am in the process of building my first capsule, and I had a c...
Jason Evans | 4 replies | 2021-03-26
[tech] Environment variables for proxies
I'm adding socks support for Agunua <gemini://
Stephane Bortzmeyer | 0 replies | 2021-03-25
[tech] Announcing go-gemini v0.2.0
Version 0.2.0 of the go-gemini library has been released.
Adnan Maolood | 0 replies | 2021-03-24
[spec] relative link behavior definition
Hi I am playing with server implementation for Gemini and I bumped into one c...
Sgaith | 4 replies | 2021-03-24
[users] Client list and reviews
I've recently updated my Gemini client list, and I should now have every clie... | 1 replies | 2021-03-23
[users] Esperanto Content
Hello everyone, sorry to bother! Some of you may recall that weeks ago I ann...
Ben | 3 replies | 2021-03-22
[tech] Zero-width characters and tracking via pasted text
Public service announcement: Zero-width characters can be used to embed hidde...
nervuri | 6 replies | 2021-03-22
CGI programs and the gemini protocol
Hi fellow Geminauts, i am fairly new to the gemini protocol, but already lik...
Frank J├╝des | 3 replies | 2021-03-22
[users] [ANN] Moonlander, the fancy graphical Linux client, is back (as an alpha version!)
Hello, citizens of the Gemini mailing list! Back in May 19, I announced Moon...
Ecmel Berk Canl─▒er | 2 replies | 2021-03-21
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