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[tech] reverse proxy gemini
Hello, My curiosity about Gemini lead me to think about how to host easily m...
Vincent A. | 6 replies | 2021-02-23
[tech] Favicons in Amfora
Hello Geminauts, I have made my decision regarding favicon support in Amfora... | 11 replies | 2021-02-23
Clients that auto-display inline images?
Hans Gerwitz wrote yesterday about the "inevitability of inline media display...
nervuri | 2 replies | 2021-02-23
How do get Gemini URL to appear in post?
Hey,I have a lot of fun with Gemini.The only thing is I can't figure out how ...
David Jackson | 3 replies | 2021-02-23
Some thoughts about Gemini UX
I?m a bit afraid to open the lightning-bottle of this list, but feel compelle...
Hans Gerwitz | 7 replies | 2021-02-23
[users][tech][ANN] gemini hosting and ESP8266 Gemini Server
Hello! This is my first post on this mailinglist and I want to introduce som...
fab | 5 replies | 2021-02-22
[ANN] A Gemini crawler, for statistics about the geminispace
I'm running a Gemini crawler, which gathers metadata about the geminispace. T...
Stephane Bortzmeyer | 22 replies | 2021-02-22
URL and URI links
The specification has URLs for link lines. Is that an intentional choice ove...
Vasilii Kolobkov | 2 replies | 2021-02-22
[ANN] Gemini-IPFS gateway
Hello all, I have written a Gemini-IPFS gateway[1]. This allows Gemini clien...
Hector Sanjuan | 0 replies | 2021-02-22
[SPEC] Are (simple) commenting systems explicitly unsupported by gemini?
Hi, as I understand it, currently only prompts for single-line inputs are su...
Thomas M | 4 replies | 2021-02-22
(proposal) on metadata in documents
I am proposing a convention of putting human and machine readable metadata i... | 26 replies | 2021-02-22
[Spec] <META> in the response header is too vague
On Sun, Feb 21, 2021 at 3:05 PM Solene Rapenne <solene at> wrote: >...
Mansfield | 1 replies | 2021-02-22
"Spy pixels in emails have become endemic"
It is not just a Web problem, it also plagues email. (I'm glad there is no in...
Stephane Bortzmeyer | 14 replies | 2021-02-21
[SPEC] Users actions should only trigger an unique request
Hi, It doesn't seem that the specification is clear that requesting a page s...
Solene Rapenne | 6 replies | 2021-02-21
[ANN] View this mailing list on Gemini
I whipped up a quick script to allow browsing this mailing list within Gemini...
Toby Kurien | 4 replies | 2021-02-21
[ANN] Sourcehut pages: Gemini capsule hosting
Hello! We launched a static site hosting service for the web yesterday called...
Drew DeVault | 5 replies | 2021-02-21
[ANN] Hello from
Hi all! I am absolutely taken by what you all have achieved. I set up Agate...
Joe Miles | 0 replies | 2021-02-21
Digital signature in gemini pages
Hi all! Is there a way to set up pages that are signed with Gnupg? To allow ...
Christophe HENRY | 5 replies | 2021-02-20
[ANN][users] Capsule hosting service
Hello everyone. I'd like to share a small project I made after reading lots ...
Vincent Finance | 1 replies | 2021-02-20
Capsule Update: Fruit Consumption Per Capita(Part 1)
Greetings, A little R code a little Our World In Data and a couple of plots. ...
David Jackson | 2 replies | 2021-02-20
[tech] gmnhg v0.1.1 (Hugo-to-Gemini site converter)
So this piece of software got a bugfix release [1] that: * fixes gmnhg crash...
Timur Demin | 0 replies | 2021-02-19
Is it Amphora or Anfora?
After an email exchange with one of the members of this group I came to some ...
Miguel de Luis Espinosa | 4 replies | 2021-02-19
[tech] client with broken resolution of references?
I'm seeing a lot of this sort of thing in my logs: 2021-02-19T09:06:21+01:00 ... | 0 replies | 2021-02-19
[ANN] Planet m68k Gemini capsule
Hi, the /Planet m68k/ capsule is now online at gemini:// It has ...
Carsten Strotmann | 2 replies | 2021-02-18
[tech] A Gemini client library for Common Lisp.
As the title says: I've written a Gemini client library for Common Lisp. It's...
Jason McBrayer | 3 replies | 2021-02-18
Search forms and server side search scripting?
I've looked at the Gemini specification [1] and wonder where I can find infor...
Lars Noodén | 2 replies | 2021-02-18
LWN article about Gemini
Hi all, Linux Weekly News has a nice writeup about Gemini that I thought oth...
Ben Burwell | 0 replies | 2021-02-17
Math Notation in Gemini?
Recently I found some people interested in Gemini as a research sharing forma...
Jonathan Lane | 12 replies | 2021-02-17
Gemini talk at FOSDEM '21: Thanks, Bortzmeyer!
Hi all, Some of you may or may not be aware that Stephane Bortzmeyer gave a ...
Thomas Adam | 13 replies | 2021-02-17
Gemini Capsule Update: Mental Health and Drug Addicts
gemini:// A short bit of ...
David Jackson | 0 replies | 2021-02-17
Molly Brown Certificate Zone Help
Greetings all, I am trying to set up a server using Molly Brown and am havin...
Lindsay | 2 replies | 2021-02-16
[users] Moved from to
Hello everyone. ?Keeping with the aesthetic that I see around here, I have mo... | 0 replies | 2021-02-16
[users] Name for Gemini-style text with links?
Everyone seems to agree that HTML is hypertext, but opinions are split, to sa...
Nathan Galt | 10 replies | 2021-02-16
Cookies with Gemini
It's now possible! gemini:// (...
Stephane Bortzmeyer | 0 replies | 2021-02-16
[ANN] New stuff in my capsule for beginners
Hi there You need a list of gemini browsers to link to it for your new visit...
KubikPixel | 0 replies | 2021-02-16
gemini browsers
Hi. I have a question regarding the gemini browsers. I came across gemini rec...
Jose Cruz | 13 replies | 2021-02-16
Gemini Capsule Caribou Data Science Updated.
gemini:// Howdy,I just ad...
David Jackson | 0 replies | 2021-02-16
[users] Moving from to
Hello geminauts, My capsule was previous at gemini:// , but has ... | 2 replies | 2021-02-15
Storing capsule pages?
I'm interested to hear how you all are updating your capsules. I'm just build...
David Emerson | 15 replies | 2021-02-15
Source Code Control (git)
Hello, everyone. I am new to this community and I intend to run my capsule in...
sailboatanon | 8 replies | 2021-02-15
[users] [ANN] gredig
Announcing gredig, a collaborative language learning exercise. => gemini://ge... | 3 replies | 2021-02-14
[users] [ANN] ncgopher 0.2.0 released
Hi, I just released a new version of ncgopher, an ncurses based gemini and g...
Jan Schreiber | 0 replies | 2021-02-14
[Software] Introducing Scorpius
Hi dear Geminauts, It's my first message on this mailing list so let me intr...
Romain de Laage | 0 replies | 2021-02-14
My Gemini Capsule: Caribou Data Science
I thought a brief introduction is in order...Not a lot of content yet, just a...
David Jackson | 0 replies | 2021-02-14
[Tech] Most popular Top-Level Domains
The Lupa crawler now displays most-popular TLD (Top-Level Domains) in the gem...
Stephane Bortzmeyer | 5 replies | 2021-02-14
Counting visits
Is, that anyway to know if anyone is visiting my capsule?? Tx David Sent fro...
David Jackson | 2 replies | 2021-02-14 proxy
Hey all, As I see more and more fun projects arise, I hacked up a quick medi...
b10m | 17 replies | 2021-02-14
[ANN] Nim forum on Gemini
Hi, I am idf31 at memeware dot net <mailto:idf31 at>?but the mai... | 0 replies | 2021-02-14
GUS, Index updated on: 2020-12-06 ?!
Sorry, if this topic was already discussed. I joined the list only a few days...
Swen Schneider | 2 replies | 2021-02-14
[ANN] Paste it to Gemini
Since there is no shortage of new Gemini capsules published every day, I'd li...
Louis Brauer | 3 replies | 2021-02-14
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