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What does everyone think of the ideas in IndieWeb and the semantic web? I se...
alex wennerberg | 1 replies | 2022-02-07
(No Subject)
Dan Miller | 3 replies | 2022-02-06
Small web service list
Hi all -- I maintain a list of "small web" services and communities. Check it...
alex wennerberg | 4 replies | 2022-01-17
Re: (no subject)
> subscribe Hi Dan, for architectural Simplicity, the mailing list does not h...
Alex | 0 replies | 2022-01-11
Happy Sunday
How is everyone Alex
Alex | 1 replies | 2022-01-10
Independent/personal sites are the best! I hope this list generates lots of i... | 3 replies | 2022-01-09
Welcome to the small web!
Hello all! Alex here, admin of I'm very excited about the l...
alex wennerberg | 9 replies | 2022-01-04
Introductions 👋
Use this thread to introduce yourself! I'm Alex, I'm a software engineer at ...
alex wennerberg | 6 replies | 2022-01-01
Subscription request.
Hello. I am interested in subscribing to the Small Web mailing list. I've no ...
The Doctor | 0 replies | 2021-12-28
Interested in subscribing to the smallweb mailing list. Thanks! -Mark Hurst
Mark Hurst | 3 replies | 2021-12-28
Reply with your small web projects? My latest is a Gemini-first wiki, with a...
Alex Schroeder | 3 replies | 2021-12-27
Don’t forget to reply all!
Make sure that you reply all to any email you get from someone on the mailing...
Alex | 0 replies | 2021-12-26
Smallweb Mailing List
I’d love to join!
David Emerson | 1 replies | 2021-12-26
Lovely to see this initiative. Best of luck with it :) (Wondering if my HTML...
Aral Balkan | 1 replies | 2021-12-26
small web mailing list
hello! devine reblogged this mailing list on merveilles and i'd love to join....
zbs | 1 replies | 2021-12-26
Andrew "Truck" Holland | 1 replies | 2021-12-25
Cooperative Gitea Instance
Hi all, I've recently been working with a group trying to start a small coop...
Sam Whited | 2 replies | 2021-12-25
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